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Friday, July 20, 2007

Hillsong Wednesday.

This Time Last Week.
Last Wednesday I missed the midday session as I just wasnt well enough to get out in the mornings. Would you believe that Chris Tomlin who sang at about six sessions chose that session to sing "We Fall Down." It has to be one of my favourite songs and its my favoutie song by him. So I have still never been anywhere to sing it :(
We attended the afternoon breakout where Darlene Zschech interviewed Louie Giglio.It was basically introducing Louie and Passion to Oz.It was really good. He spoke about how his dad was an Italian Catholic and mum a Southern Baptist. Mum won out when it came to going to church !!! He made a commitment to Jesus when he was 11 and when he was 18 at college reached a cross road and he decided to commit his life fully to Jesus He told the story of failing college and having the revelation that if he wanted to go to grad. school he needed a bachelor's degree.
He told how he had met Shelley when he was an intern one summer and she was a junior (?) at college and how at Baylor where they first started to lead the college gathering he and Shelley led worship and then he spoke each week.He was very much into our worship leading to us doing something in the world. When they were in South Africa about two years ago they saw terrible squallor. He said most tourists who go anywhere there is poverty are "moved" but do "nothing". So the sixsteps team who were there became accountable to each other to do something and get together in a year's time and ask each other what they had done that year.
Louie explained about "Do Something Now" at Passion07 (See )

Jentzen Franklin spoke at night but I didnt take notes as we will buy the DVD.(Notes Later !) But here's something he pointed out.
The generation from 1927-1945 were64% born again Christians.1946-1965 were 49% born again. 1965 -1983 were 16% and from 1984 they are 4% Christian. Looking around Hillsong one would have thought it was Passion. It was full of young people. So, if my generation , the boomers were 40% born again Christians and this generation is 4% why are these gatherings full of the 4%?? Where were the 40% who are my age ? Why didnt we outnumber the young people 10 to 1 ???
This is the one of two conferences in Oz that my generation can go to and hillsong is the biggest .Others are for young people. So where were my generation. Any one with any suggestions???


  • At 8:05 AM, Blogger Karen said…

    Hi Gail, how are you doing? I am having a book draw tomorrow - see my book draw entry for Wednesday. Do pop a comment if you would like to enter :-)

  • At 7:23 PM, Blogger angel said…

    hhmmm... tricky... i have no idea!


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